Its own without love, let love have

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Its own without love, let love have

Post  landuanfengfeng on Wed Aug 11, 2010 1:08 am

Many years ago, to see best-selling author,,FF14 Power leveling
Liu's first book is "breaking the ice of life" inside a paragraph, then read to forget: the "its own rather than love, than to love people have."
The book explains:
When you have him (her), did not love him (her) time; you have committed a double error.
First; you did not love the love,
Second; you deprived him (her) right to be loved.
Its own without love, let love have!
The golden week bought two good favorite book, but look at the bookcase has been filled to capacity, plus a few boxes are not fitFFXIV Power leveling my mind suddenly cropped up, Liu's famous words. I would like to have the books so the book has her life should remind as many Buddhist scriptures at the end of the same page, so that by the continued circulation of the book, so that more people benefit, and I learned to express my gratitude to buy the book, will many not expected to the ability to turn over turn a book, be goodbye, and then take it out on the side. I've learned to use the hearts of joy farewell to this group has not kept it a long time for flip book. I informed a friend over Tao Shu, and the rest sold by the mother Naqu.
Although the mother says that these books came back around half of your buy, you sell this way they not make enough money, a pity! However, I think, "Chu missing bow, Chu was the bow," the story, in fact, they lose? After all, the book flows Cheap FF14 Gil

through my hands once again, equal to the birth of her life has had a hope that the new owners care more about her she was right ... ...


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