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On time management in a class, professors on the table put a water jar. Then from the table and took out some just put the jar from the FF14 Power leveling
Guan Kou the "pebbles." After the stones up a professor asked his students said: "You say this jar is not full?" "Yes" to all the students replied in unison. "Really?" The professor asked, smiling. And then took out a bag of gravel from under the table, put gravel down from Guankou go, shake, plus some, ask students: "You said that this jar is not full now?" This time his students can not answer too quickly. Member of the class last timidly softly replied: "Maybe not full." "Good!" Professors finished, and from under the table and took out a bag of sand, and slowly poured into the jar. After fall, so ask the class: "Now you tell me that this jar is full? Or not full?" "No Man," which under the class astray, and we are confident to said. "Good!" Praised the professor again, students. Praise finished, the professor pulled out a large bottle of water from under the table, pour the water appear to have been pebbles, small stones, sand filled the jar.
When these things are done, the professor asked his classmates orthophoto: "We get these things from above what important lessons?" Class, silence, and then one thinks that the brightest students replied: "No matter what ourFFXIV Power leveling how busy itinerary is much more full, if forced to look at, then he can do more things. "After the students answer in mind is pleased to think:" This course in the end about the time management ah! "Professor hearing reply to this post, nodded and smiled: "Good answer, but I did not want to tell you important information." Here, the professor deliberately paused, eyes scanned the whole class once said, : "I want to tell you that the most important message is that if you do not first large" cobblestone "go into the pot, you may not have the chance ever since they came alive again to go up. you have not thought about what you Life in the "pebble? "- And our loved one is often compared stay together? Is our faith? Education? Dream? Worth striving for? Do good example for young people? For the next generation to remain worthy of memory? Perhaps before bed tonight , or a quiet person, we all think about "what is my life pebbles," the problemCheap FF14 Gil

. The present education is often just teach us how to put a good book to read and import good schools, but few teach us how to get to be a happy man to have a meaningful life. In other words, we know how to how to use the small gravel and water to fill jar Gaza. but few people know how to be first, "pebbles" into the jar of importance.


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