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Comprehend life

Post  landuanfengfeng on Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:53 am

Bing said: "Love in the left FF14 Power leveling
and sympathy in the right, walking along in life, at any time of seed, flowering time, this path a long, decorative flowers too diffuse, so that pedestrians wear branch leaf brush, marching thorns, do not feel the pain, tears may fall, not the sadness. "
This love, this friendship, coupled with a family, we will be able to make your lush green tree of life, whether it is sunlight, which is wind and rain, can shine a kind of reading of that in the times gone by.
Is a deep affection, friendship FFXIV Power levelingis a kind of breadth, but love is a kind of purity.
The family is a no-conditions, unrequited sunshine; friendship is a mighty grand, you can always understand the habitats Enron embankment; and boundless love is a mystery, you can make to the emotion-laden songs to the hearts of unrestrained tears to shine .
"Our lives, family, friendship, love, these three missing, has been to regret; three missing two, in fact, poor; of lacking, living and if dead!" (LIU Xin words) the depth of experience of the family, a taste breadth of friendship with the love of purity,
This life can be called a real personCheap FF14 Gil



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