Icelanders humor degree dilemma: “The Icelandic economy is dead ashes scattered in Europe”

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Icelanders humor degree dilemma: “The Icelandic economy is dead ashes scattered in Europe”

Post  realmadridstar on Thu Apr 22, 2010 1:34 am

According to Singapore, "David Keys," buy runescape gold22 reported recently that despite being ash crisis Icelanders sense of humor has not disappeared. A popular local joke says: Iceland has the cash to the British (cash), but not within the Icelandic language "C" letter, the results they get is only ash (ash).

Reported that the first collapse of the economy, then a volcanic eruption, Iceland from the Viking era, it has never been faced with so many troubles. However, when faced with difficulties, Icelanders have a sense of humor to help you know how to survive the current crisis.

It is reported that the population in the North Atlantic island nation of Iceland is only 317,000, and is not noticeable. However, Iceland is now "red" a; accurately, it led to the "infamy."

Iceland last week eyjafjallajokull volcanic eruption, volcanic ash into the sky lead to paralysis of the European air traffic, and then have a global impact.

Ash before the event, through the global financial crisis in Iceland, where rapid take-off of the main bank failures, resulting in 34 million people in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, the cheap runescape goldsavings go down the drain, to force originally was one of the world's richest countries, Iceland had to the international IMF for help.

Iceland, Britain and the Netherlands asked to pay 3.9 billion U.S. dollars of compensation funds, but the people of Iceland have passed a referendum to express their strong protest against the Anglo-Dutch depositor compensation.

According to reports, since the volcano began to erupt, the spread from Iceland such a joke: the British had wanted to cash (cash), but not within the language of Iceland "C 'letter as a result, the British only get ash (ash ).

Another joke said: "When the death of Iceland's economy, it's the last wish is that the ashes scattered all over Europe."

Reported that the sudden appearance of Iceland has always been a stable economic crisis, now coupled with volcanic ash disrupt air traffic around the event, Icelanders discovered that they had become a major villain in the international community. This is an unprecedented event, Icelanders face wasrunescape items chosen to humor.

"Shall stir Iceland, on the off your airport"

In fact, as Iceland did not even standing national army, saying it could threaten the entire world is sheer nonsense. The story goes on perfectly capture the absurdity. This joke is gangster tone is: "Do you dare to mess with Iceland? See them altogether we turn off your airport!"

However, the report pointed out that these jokes laughter caused by the number of Icelanders for the time being to forget to reflect on, in the end Who made Iceland into this mess, but who should be responsible for rs power leveling
all this.


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