Fun Adventure Island, a worry really good new memories

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Fun Adventure Island, a worry really good new memories

Post  realmadridstar on Fri Apr 30, 2010 1:35 am

accidentally opened a photo album found in anbuy runescape gold adventure you and I the only one left of that photo Oh

I thought I forgot you! I had just been buried in the depths of my heart. This is a picture I saw more than an hour! This is more than an hour where I had a scene with each of us do I seal the memory of those who are already Shackles scenes came back to me, can not help but eye socket a little red

Now you are not getting along very well! There is not very happy. Open the phone can not find your number has been open QQ have not found your picture! Open all the information I found that I have all been deleted ~ I suddenly had the urge to want to immediately contact you! Ask when you? Oh What a strange thing man! Once you dumped me fool Oh I thought I would never think of you! You never felt. I'm just a ordinary cheap runescape goldperson I do not have your kind of unsympathetic. That you told me you speak to me I was crazy. QQ then pulled me dark! Though I felt so indifferent. After all, I do not feel the mood!

I looked at this picture, time flies, half an instant later ~ sleeping memories in my heart

So back to life. This feeling is very good and also to feel my own weakness!

In my world of adventure, you can say you are my first wife ~ will be the last.

Although there are other after their favorite. My feelings seem very smooth road! Rugged. In the end, or someone else's wife ha ha! Does not belong to me, or does not belong to me! Effort is not necessarily return ~

Anyhow, your adventure is to play a 4 player in it! What did not play left, leaving only memories of the

This is a another woman I feel bad and cry. I should say, another starting point. The saddest adventure in my career, when she appeared! What happened to her I do not want to say that again! I just know this woman hurt me. At least I now know she was very happy ~ I have nothing to fit it! Because I have not felt. But Irunescape items sincerely hope she flies very well! Even if she may have forgotten me, "Longer"

As for her! Friends? Seems to feel even darker! Lovers? Not to that extent! Is that feeling Oh! I wanted all along just say thank you to her! Thank you for your care about me! Thank you for understanding me! Thank you for letting me know what all that!

This adventure 4 years also point out the things! Oh also enough I think waiting for ages!

I think everyone has a memory of its own warehouse! One day you will suddenly find out

Feel both the ups and downs! Just understand that this is once you haverunescape power leveling past!


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