Farmers and donkeys

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Farmers and donkeys

Post  landuanfengfeng on Tue Aug 17, 2010 1:12 am

One day a farmer's donkey FFXIV Power levelingfell into a dry well inside. The poor donkey in the well miserably called a couple of hours, farmers in the wellhead anxious lost in a fog, there is no way to save it up. Finally, he categorically identified: the donkey is old, it is also the mouth dry well filled up, not worth so much effort to rescue the donkey.
Farmers are invited all the neighbors to help him fill wells. We grabbed the shovel and started filling the wells. Donkey soon realized what had happened at first, it is only in the well panic cried out. Soon, so that everyone understand that it actually quiet. After a few shovels of soil, farmersFF14 Power leveling

, could not move mine to see with eyes stunned him. Each shovel of earth fall on the back of the donkey, made a surprise deal with it all: shake off quickly down, and then brutally stamped on tight. In this way, not long before the donkey flatter ourselves to rise to the wellhead. It caught jumped out, walked and ran away. The presence of everyone by surprise.
In fact, in life. A variety of difficulties and setbacks, such as dust will generally fall into our heads, in order to escape from this misery escaped in a dry well, to succeed in life and glory, is only one way, that is: will they all are shake off the ground, heavily trampled. Because, in life we encounter every difficulty, every failure, are in fact a stepping stone to the life courseCheap FF14 Gil



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