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Burn 1 million

Post  landuanfengfeng on Fri Aug 20, 2010 12:31 am

In 1840, the world's first stamp, "Penny Black" was born in the UK. Stamp was originally scheduled for May 6th, 1840 opening, but because of the .FFXIV Gil
negligence of the organization, some cities actually on sale May 2 in advance. Small number of stamps sold in advance, down to later more scarce, said that the world found only two, the collection industry as a treasure.

Passage of time, 100 years later, the two "Penny Black" finally Teng jumped back into the United States, an auction house announced plans to auction them.

Crowded auction hall, the buyer, are ready. Auctioneer loudly declared: "reserve price 100,000, now auction." Carter, auction sound come and go, stamp prices have soared, has risen to 500,000. "500 000 a, 500 000 twice, 500 000 ... Buy FF14 Gil.." Then, in the corner came a deep and engaging voice is shock: "200 million!" Noisy hall suddenly quiet down, we are looking to this mysterious figure. That is just a humble young man. Then, the auctioneer have no doubt that Lianjiao three times "200 million", then the final word. In the breathless crowd, the young man took the two stamps, and then did a stunning thing - he took out his lighter, did not hesitate to burn one of them. All of a sudden, the audience uproar one, someone shouted: "This lunatic, he burned one million." Smiling young man, boarded the front step, raised hands of the rest of the egg which stamps shouted : "All of you are witnesses, starting today, the world May 2 edition of the 'penny black' only this one, and indeed peerless peerless. So I said, its price is 400 million, wants to buy as soon as possibleFF14 Gil

. "

Before long, While this "penny black" will be 500 million dollars bought by a wealthy businessman.

Young friend smiled and said: "People always say that one plus one is greater than two is a smart, but they do not know, two by a greater than two is a higher wisdom."


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