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Living color

Post  landuanfengfeng on Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:20 am

Life, its own ups and downs, just like the palette. Life, colorful, like a series, from sour and sweet, with bitter and spicy. In short, life will require excellent color!rs gold
Red, need your passion in life, once you have a passion that lay the foundation for the future, naturally, with the passion to do anything simple, passionate side of life in rich, it is ready to accompany you, if you are awaken it, it will give you life success.
Orange, such as the fall so it's simple, is also a symbol of harvest, in one semester after the results of their labor will have the results, good and bad, if you carefully plowing huge knot out of the natural fruit, if you sit back and wait, that end up not only the fruit skin fester ah!
Yellow, although it is the first impression that people are not so good, but it is, but valuable lessons in defeat, do not lose heart, have confidence, to draw lessons to prepare to stage a comeback, because failure is often open for you Another successful doo
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Green, the necessary life happy, happiness is, after the first bitter sweet, yes, as long as the experienced ups and downs, at the end, always saw the rainbow.
Blue, it is the failure to appear in person, bitter astringent, and gives the pressure, however, as long as the good in everything, it will gradually disappear.
Blue, it is the lighter side of life, but also all the most desirable, because in life everyone would like a brisk through the day.
Purple, it is life most people do not want to encounter, with the blue, the self-relaxing after the trouble, so people do not want to encounter in life it is.
Black, which is the angel of darkness, people feel lonely, but also there is a mystery, add a color for the living.
White with black on the contrary, pure, friendly, people will not feel lonely, but people feel happy, it is often people's aspiration to pursue.
In my view, all the colors of which color is best because it has all the colors, the most complete.
Without life, no longer so wonderful color, average life Fanfan what is good? Somewhat cumbersome and somewhat more than happy, so that people can be inspired and aware, but also to get experience and lessons learned, so needs color!
Picturesque life, need to describe colors.runescape gold


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