What women want most

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What women want most

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The young King Arthur in a defeat of the war with its neighbors captured. Princess to see his handsome, could not bear to kill him, soFFXIV Gil
made a condition requiring him to give her a year to find a satisfactory answer, you can temporarily release him. If after a year did not receive a satisfactory answer to her, King Arthur to the voluntary return and live. If you do not agree to this condition, it is necessary for life imprisonment.
Her question was: "What women want most?"
I am afraid this question even the most knowledgeable people are difficult to answer, let alone the young and inexperienced King Arthur. The credibility of a man's second life as it has been promised to the people's conditions, to say we should find out.
He returned to his country, made several investigations, again and again ask the wise, mothers, sisters and so on, but he still can not find a satisfactory answer. One of the advisers told him to go ask a mysterious woman, she must know the answer, but she moody.
Until the last day, King Arthur had no choice but to follow from the finding that the mysterious woman. The woman seems to know he would come quickly out of the price: "I promise to give you an answer to cross the border, but the condition is to marry my wife Wen Ge!" Warrior Ge Wen is one of the most handsome knight is Arthur's best friends.
Arthur eyed ugly mysterious woman, he was thinking can not be their friends to survive, so immediately refused, ready to leave tomorrowrunescape accounts to go and live. But the followers to the status of the day told Wen Ge, Ge Wen realizing the King Arthur's loyalty to friends and decided to sacrifice themselves, Ge Wen secretly went to see the mysterious woman and promised to marry her.
Mysterious women also keep its promise, the answer is to tell the King Arthur: "Women want the most is the ability to dominate his life."
With this answer to see King Arthur Princess, Princess is pleased to accept the release of King Arthur. After returning home, Ge mild mysterious woman held a grand formal wedding, King Arthur to see friends for their great sacrifices to do so, simply overwhelmed with grief.
Ge temperature was maintained Knight style, to introduce to you my bride. To the wedding night, or in accordance with customary Ge Wen gently hold the bride into the new house, a mysterious woman shy turned his face away, wait until the GE temperature and placed her in bed, he was surprised to find that she suddenly turned into a Rong Guanghuan hair, beautiful soft girls. Ge Wen hurriedly asked how the matter? "In return for your kindness and gentlemanly demeanor, I would like to resume my true colors in the moments of beauty. But I can only half a day with beautiful posture, another half-day or to return to the ugly face of disgusting, but my dear husband, you in the end I can choose what day and night look. I will do it according to your instructionsFF14 Gil

. "
Ge Wen thought, with a firm tone replied: "Dear wife, I think the result of choice on the impact of your influence on me is much greater than you are eligible to decide the matter." "Dear Mr. , only you know of a woman's most wanted is the master of its own life, so I have to restore 24 hours a day I had to repay your face. "
In fact, most women want to be: find a respect for her man knows everything.


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