Fate of a dollar

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Fate of a dollar

Post  landuanfengfeng on Wed Aug 25, 2010 12:54 am

Ten years ago this spring, a fantasy with rich children in rural guy, came to Shenzhen to look for jobs, brought the money for the journey has run out, he hoped that relaxing and well-paid work is still not forthcoming, he had to sleep on the street .
One night, he huddled on the sidewalk take a nap, his image of abjection and dirty, sleeping on the streets of beggars and very sort of similar. A passing Cheap FF14 Gil
woman threw him a dollar, counted as charity. As he soon picked up the note, he side of a shoeshine girl was fast to jump over, picked up the first to step in it.
"This money is mine!" Girls are not red face said. Young man was furious, stood up and girls disputes.
"Why did the woman give you money? You both so relatives or friends, unless ... ... you are a beggar!" Girl winked at him, "If you admit you are a beggar, the dollar will give you."
Admit that he was a beggar? He Dunjue heart surprise: how can a beggar I do? He was a bit angry, in order to defend their dignity, he only choose to give up. And he moved moodily turned away, planning to leave.
But the girl stopped him: "I know you have been hungry. Do not you think? My polish shoes I will let you have the booth for 10 minutes, 10 minutes to the business if you embrace, you can earn meal meal money. "
He does not believe this girl. Girl sincerely: "I mean really, this is acceptable which dollar a different nature. If you accept my proposal is that of the labor to make money runescape gold... ..." his heart Yi Chan, eyes can not help some heat.
Do not say within 10 minutes, he really embrace to a business, a shoe of the middle-aged man gave him three dollars, which he bought two loaves of bread 3 dollars.
When he hungrily ate the pieces of bread, the hesitant girl raised to a request: "Can you ... ... and then help me, help me ... ... to buy a set of tools to polish shoes ... ... I would like to to polish shoes. "girl smiled.
The next day, the girl in the booth next to the addition of a stall. Later, he and the girl married. Still later, he and his wife both working into a shoe factory. Still later, both husband and wife to resign from the shoe factory, opened a leather processing shop. Still later, the development of leather processing shop has become a sizeable shoe factory. This old boy is now in Chongqing hiking shoes group chairman Mr. He Qiuping.
Now, he has reached tens of millions of personal assets; now, he often lamented that he give up which dollarsBuy FF14 Gil



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