Bitter and human

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Bitter and human

Post  landuanfengfeng on Thu Aug 26, 2010 1:19 am

There is a very goodFFXIV Power leveling
mind good people die, the angels came to God with him, to accept God's trial. God asked the angel of the first people in the world are doing. Angel said: "He do good deeds and accumulating virtue, is as good a man." God says: "Well, I want to reward him after a lifetime of happiness!" Angel said: "Let it took him to heaven." "No," God said, "Let him go live with!"
Are treacherous, a bigFF14 Power leveling hearted bad guy died, he came before God with the angels. Angel of God is to ask the person in the world are doing. Angel said: "He unscrupulous is bad, but then a man." God says: "Well, I want to punish him for ever after the pain." Angel said: "Then bring him to hell and let him no chance of it . "" No, "God said," I want to make him go live with! "
Angel did not understand God: "God ah, human happiness in the end be a good place or bad place in the suffering?" God says: "For the good, the world is their heaven, because they cherish every day for a teeth good heart to deal with other people, they feel life is full of boundless joy; for those bad guys, the world is their hell, because they cherish every day a treacherous heart to treat others, so how could they not feel that life is full of infinite rs gold


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