Foolishly sentimental

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Foolishly sentimental

Post  landuanfengfeng on Thu Aug 26, 2010 9:37 pm

SGX last night and theFFXIV Gil
girlfriend to dinner, eat half of the suddenly discovered forgot wallet, thought for a moment it was forced open to the girlfriend. Because it is so embarrassed blush and his speech became hesitant: "I ... ..."
Then something unexpected happened, and she could be wrong views, and blushing, said: "I like you ... ..."
Comforting wordsrunescape accounts

A middle-aged women standing naked before the bathroom mirror, her husband said: "It was horrible, I get fat, and abdominal sag also every day, every morning I can find a new wrinkle, I think I have to wear big One of the clothes. "
She sat down, the first V in hand, a look of sadness, saying: "I really feel old, too ugly a ... ... I said so much, how do you comfort even if no one ah!"
Husband thought for a while, he finally realized that a relief: "If your eyesight better than beforeFF14 Gil



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