So rampage like flies

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So rampage like flies

Post  landuanfengfeng on Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:04 am

Once heard an American professor of biology teacher talked about doing experiments: the few bees into a flat in the bottle, the bottom Cheap FF14 Gil
toward the bright side, mouth open. Bees are flying towards a light is continuously moving, but continue to hit the sidewall on. Finally, they all seem to know their not the bottle will never fly, who are no longer try, all of them dying fall bottom. Professor, these bees poured out the bottle as is put away, then put in a few flies. Flies and bees do not, they are in addition to a bright office flew, but also the direction of flight to the other, or up, or down, or to the backlight of the place, in short, they kept hitting the wall, but eventually flying out of the narrow bottleneck, with their unremitting efforts they changed the fate of as bees.
This is my senior year in the last class on the teacher told us the story. At that time, we are facing the pressure of employment, everyone panic, many people for their own future and destiny is one confused. Day, the teacher had finishedrunescape gold
the story, seriously said to us: the "three-year-old before, do not expect to make any major achievement. Anything you can try, barreling around to attack than to be clever is much more conservative and pessimistic about nothing and die."
Twinkling of an eye a few years now, I have a student to do marketing, is already a large area of the agency, and to know that when he graduated from college parents engage in selling or strongly opposed to; There is also a student, after several unsuccessful job search, even to change jobs do you like computers, now has some company. I have a primary school student, because the injury had to stay idle at home, he should go sell steamed bread, the whole family is a wave of opposition in rural someone's not steamed a bread? However, he is the bread of disability business has been done around the county seat, became famous for the rich star.
Today, I suddenly thought of sitting in front of the computer teachers had talked about the story to us, may we never know which way is a shortcut to success. In fact, people always have to be off for some time as the bees in the bottle as a loss-stricken, what matters is not eager to bail out to find a breakthrough, Burnout may be the best choiceBuy FF14 Gil
In fact, is so successful and there is no secret to those around us successful, attempts are rampage to find opportunities. While often knocked badly beaten, fail more, but have found the direction and space for their own. (Text / Deng as)


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