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Is life good words

Post  landuanfengfeng on Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:57 am

1, successful people have three hearts: unwilling, curiosity, try to mind.
Random Thoughts: Lu Xun said, "discontent is the vehicle of progress." Indeed, only the heart is filled with strong desire to change the status quo, to make you desperate, trouble to do things. There can not be reconciled, with curiosity, the courage to do it is weak, says confidence in the important than gold, who do not succeed is not without conditions, but no confidence. As for myself, always a lack of confidence, then continue to encourage their own: as long as there is confidence that you will do best. I think everyone should do to encourage yourself!
2, successful people will always only a positive and optimistic thinking.
Positive people as the sun, goFFXIV Power levelingwhere to light; negative people like the moon, who started 15 different. In fact, the difference between people is only 1%, that is, differences in ideology. Positive and optimistic people in the face of setbacks always maintain a positive attitude, and difficult experience into their growing wealth. The joy of life, not that again growth experience? As Tagore in "birds of" says: "Man is born a child, growing his power." With enough power, then fly also very easy.
3, the concept of parent is the child's starting line.
Random Thoughts: As a teacher, his ideas and words and deeds have always affected the students. Only his did, to require students to do. Lead by example is important and necessary. At this point, think of a very thought-provoking words:
If a child living in the criticism, he will learn to condemn;
If a child lives in hostile, he had learned aggressive;
If a child lives in mercy, he will be dejected;
If a child lives with tolerance, he will learn to be patient;
If a child living in the commends, he had learned from the tour.
If a child lives with encouragement, he will learn self-confidence.
I think this not only for children, for those of us adults are equally effective. Among people, should continue to give people positive, encouraging, and sincerely accept the different personalities. To others, but also to themselves, grow and think about.
4, word or twoCheap FF14 Gil

(1) the boss give you a position, do not give you your future.
(2) in the world who do not do not know, only too late to know.
(3), if not aristocratic descendants, but also a noble ancestors.
(4) hard-working feet to go in the right way
(5) books can only answer questions of knowledge, practice knowledge to solve the problem.
(6) than reading thousands of books from thousands, countless thousands in person as read.
(7) World poverty is the top of the charts: there is no ideal, and no mentor who does not learn.

(Cool human nature is selfish and does not need education, but people from the heart to love others is the need of education.

(9) If everything can be repeated in your life which will rewrite the section? Each period of life do not need rewriting, because every paragraph will be your life's wealth.

(10) today will not listen to what you say, but look at what you do.


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