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what's life

Post  landuanfengfeng on Tue Sep 14, 2010 3:03 am

When I was young,I couldn't stopCheap FF14 Gil
to thinking why I was the one who I was,why I was my parent's daughter not anyone else's,or so.At that moment, it's meaningless to explain to a little girl how she came from with biology theory. As I was a little older,I began to realize each person,every family had his own life,his own problem and his own happiness.So after a long time's watching, now I begin to think ,which kind of family I want to have,which kind of person I want to be.
Until now,all my life is in runescape gold.
the school. My mum was a primary school teacher before I was 12,so I entered into school at a very young age,then middle school ,then high school, then college,now postgraduate,maybe I will get my doctor degree in some day.People in China at my age often has the same experience with me,maybe the only difference between us is the life's color is different.For me ,the life in school in more black-and-white,nothing is so special or abnormal.My friends sometimes ask me,whether I feel regret in my college period or not."I do,"I say,"but not for that plain days,I'm not want a colorful life in future so badly.
Still, I don't know what life is,and I know I won't know in my whole life;but I don't care about what life is,for I care about what I want in my life,besides I will work hard to go for it.Which is enough for meBuy FF14 Gil


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